GPS Coordinates

Leopard Creek

25°26’28,9”S 31°32’6.8”E


TSB Malalane Airport
South 25 degrees 28.24
East 31 degrees 33.56

Airport Information
Length of runway 1000m plus 200m overshoot
Width 18m
Width of taxi way 8m
Altitude above sea level 1 100 feet
Largest aircraft capability 21 000 kg

Malaria is a concern in the Lowveld of Mpumalanga (includes the Leopard Creek Country Club).Please consult a heath-care professional for the latest advice on malaria prophylaxis as it changes regularly.


To protect yourself, always use mosquito repellent (even during the day) wear light, long sleeved shirts, long pants and shoes and socks at night, and sleep under a net or in a mosquito-proof room. Mosquitos also do not like the cold so leave your airconditioner on in your room. Even if you are taking oral malaria prophylactic, you can still get malaria if you are bitten by an infected anopheles mosquito, so a good repellent is your easiest and most effective precaution.

Taking malaria prophylactics

If you do decide to take malaria prophylaxis, it is essential to take the drugs according to the directions on the package insert. You need to start a week or two before entering the malaria-endemic area and it is also essential that you continue to take the drugs for four weeks after leaving the malaria risk area. Please consult your physician or a registered health-care professional about the possible side-effects of the drugs.


If you are pregnant it is advisable to avoid malaria areas but you can still have a great holiday (including some excellent game viewing) without setting a foot in a malaria-endemic area. Some medical conditions are contra-indications for malaria prophylactic drugs, so consult your regular doctor if you have any pre-existing conditions.


It is important to note that a person may still contract malaria even though all precautionary measures have been taken. If any flu-like symptoms namely, headache, fever, muscular and joint pains, sweating, shivering attacks, nausea, diarrhoea and fatigue occur after a visit to a malaria risk area (and for up to six months there-after) consult a doctor immediately and advise the doctor of your visit to the malaria area in order to ensure that malaria is diagnosed and treated in time. Malaria attacks can occur up to six months after leaving a malaria area.