The History

Founded on the values of friendship, a common love of the game of golf and a shared reverence for nature. Leopard Creek has earned a unique place in the world of golf.

Celebrating a history rich in glorious milestones, built on friendship and the love of golf.

Leopard Creek has grown out of the vision of a banker and skills and expertise of one of the world’s great golfers and hosts the prestigious Alfred Dunhill Championship since 2004.

A Vision is Born

Discover a timeline of milestones & rich history of Leopard Creek.

From The Archives

21st Celebration Film

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Nick Plays Ernie a Trick

Nick vs Ernie – Shell’s Wonderful World of Golf

Sunshine Tour Championship 2001

Course Construction

Official Opening

The 2000 Flood

In January and February of 2000, eastern parts of Southern Africa received some of heaviest rain experienced for 100 years. For Leopard Creek, the deluge culminated in the Crocodile River, which separates it from the Kruger National Park, bursting its banks and causing considerable damage to property situated on the river front.

It was especially the 13th hole green complex, perched atop the Crocodile, that bore the brunt, with the resulting reconstruction costing multi-millions of Rand…

The golf course itself was not spared either, with substantial damage stemming from soil erosion, in the midst of a course modifications that were well underway.

A Day in The Life of…

When Johann Rupert first approached sculptor Dylan Lewis, the intention was for Dylan to sculpt a monumental leopard, which Johann envisioned would be the focal point of the Leopard Creek clubhouse. During the course of their conversation, Dylan proposed a series of sculptures instead, one for each hole, following the leopard’s movements over a day.

The finished collection is a truly magnificent spectacle, starting on the first tee with ‘Leopard Lying on Rock’, showing our beloved Leopard slowly stirring to welcome the day, and ending on the 18th tee box with ‘Leopard Standing on Slope’, showing the Leopard surveying the vast bushveld at the end of another glorious day under the African skies.

“The leopard is an evocation of the palpable menace that lies just beyond the manicured greens: a reminder of the wild, untamed periphery beyond the man-made oasis.”

Each sculpture is a masterpiece in its own right, but the collection truly comes to life when viewed in sequence over the course of a round at Leopard Creek.

The Championship Course

Explore the Championship Golf Course and discover the vision of a banker and skills and expertise of one of the world’s great golfers.